December 24, 2016

Our Process

Our Process!

Our Company provides the full line of home modification services. Our goal is to enhance the safety and function of an individual needed to bring a piece of mind home. Our process is made out of the following steps:

1. Assess & draft a summary report.

2. Design proposed layout.

3. Build/creat modifications.

4. Provide equipment.

5. Provide training.



What do we do?

1. Design/build barrier free living spaces (bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms).

2.Design/build accessible entrances.

3. Provide needed equipment (ramps, stairlifts, bathroom equipment, etc).

4. Train clients on use of newly installed equipment.


Our Services!

Our services start with an on-site visit where we evaluate client’s needs/limitations, and to identify barriers/hazards. This visit is followed by outlining recommended home modifications/equipment necessary to optimize environment for client. This information is compiled in a report along with photos, dimensions, and a description of client’s functional abilities and environmental challenges.

Whether the need is to create modifications for an individual with chronic or catastrophic injury/disability, or for someone with a progressive medical condition, we thoroughly evaluate client’s living spaces and available mobility equipment, including bathroom, bedroom, entrances, pathways, lighting, flooring after which, various barriers are identified, and necessary modifications/equipment are listed.

Why you should choose us to complete the environmental assessments?

Whether you are a caregiver, an individual seeking services, or a support planner, your desire is to locate a reliable and experienced provider to provide services with excellence. Our company has been providing home safety/environmental assessments for seniors, as well as for those individuals with special needs over the last five years, and aims at providing families a peace of mind through putting needed modifications in place neccessary to assure the well-being of their beloved one.

Through providing thorough, client-centered assessments, we work on providing a visual of a client’s lifestyle, needs, risk factors, environmental barriers, and challenges. Such information provides a deep understanding of the client’s environmental hazards and accordingly, solutions (equipment/modifications) needed to eliminate those hazards are proposed.

Types of Assessments we Complete

There are two types of assessments that we offer:

1. Virtual assessment: as you send us your house images via email, we review various areas that can be improved to enhance safety, comfort and function. We provide you a self guided profile/questionnaire for you to complete. We then provide our recommendations over the phone/email. The fee for this assessment is $150.

2. Short version: this includes a 30 minute on-site assessment, self completed profile/questionnaire, and a 1-2 page report that outlines recommendations. The fee for this assessment is $250.

2. Elaborate Version: this includes up to a 60 minute on-site assessment, face to face interview, recording of measurements and taking images. A multi page report is drafted that outlines recommendations, related literature, list of resources, suggested vendors, equipment. The fee for this assessment is $400.