December 14, 2016


Purpose of a home assessment!

While home assessments provide great value to prevent falls, bring comfort, enhance function & safety, here are some of the documented Outcomes of a home/environmental assessment:


1. Identifying those barriers/hazards restricting independence, or compromising safety.
2. Identify medically/functionally necessary durable equipment required to prevent injury/enhance safety.
3. Eliminating fear of injury/fall that typically limits participation in daily routines.
4. Eliminating unnecessary hospitalizations related to falls/injuries/decreased activity.
5. Slow progression of a medical condition, and restore confidence in own abilities.
6. Decrease sense of depression/isolation related to growing dependence, deterioration of health and due to living in a restrictive environment.

What are some of the frequently recommended modifications/equipment?

1. Bathroom modifications: grab bars, non skidding flooring /mat, hand held shower, shower chairs.
2. Adding a ramp to the entrance.
3. Widening doorways/installing swing away off set door hinges.
4. Adding a stairlift.
5. Eliminating floor thresholds/throw rugs/clutter.
6. Adding hand railings.
7. Mobility equipment: rollator, transport wheelchair, portable bed railing.
8. ADL related equipment: reacher, elastic shoe laces, feeding equipment.


Who would benefit from an environmental assessment?

• A senior living alone, or with caregivers whose independence has been become restricted due to environment, or has progressively become dependent on caregivers.
• An individual with a progressive medical condition, or with a catastrophic injury.
• An individual with a disabling medical condition such as stroke, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, low vision, multiple medical conditions.
• A individual at risk of falls, has history of falls, surgeries, cognitive deficits.
• A minor with a caregiver who is at risk of injury related to caring for him/her.
• An individual who is no longer able to stay home alone due to hazards/barriers.