December 14, 2016


Here is the scoop!


According to AARP research, while more than 80% of older adults wish to age in place, 85% report to have done nothing to prepare for that. This trend has grown tremendously over the years due to multiple factors, including, desire to stay in one’s familiar neighborhood, inability to let go with personal belongings and those memories at home, safety concerns, physical and financial demands of moving, as well as fear of losing control over own environment or/and personal choices.


Unfortunately as age lands with its health related challenges, for a seniors, staying at the multi level home that once was conducive to their needs, designed with stairs, a bathroom with a bathtub, narrow doorways with thresholds, inadequate lighting, slippery floors, high shelves, may no longer provide a safe or an accessible environment for them.


Today with one boomer turning 65 every eight seconds, they wish to remain active around their homes and to remain engaged in the community. However, safety concerns rise as a threat that restricts a boomer’s ability to participate fully in a lifestyle to their liking. Accidental falls, for an example, which occur in 1 out of 3 adults 65 years or older, have compromised the independence and health of so many of seniors, and has resulted in massive number of emergency room visits, broken bones, loss of confidence in own abilities, and with some 40% of those older adults getting admitted to a long term facility following discharge from a hospital following a fall.


Such dramatic changes take a toll not only on an older adult, but on all those caregivers involved in his/her care. Its disheartening for caregivers to learn that their beloved ones are at risk of of fall, injury, burn, lacking ability to care for themselves, or are being held hostages in due to their inability to access parts of a place they once called “home”. Caregiving not only can strain a caregiver’s physical, emotional and financial status, but as well impacts those family Relationships. On top of that, Its estimated that a caregiver has over $6600 out of pocket expenses annually.


As families search for ways to assure the well-being and safety of a beloved one, the environment (living spaces/home) rise to the surface as a main area that need to be modified to match an individual’s abilities, needs, as well as their visual/ mental/ physical capabilities.


Our company is the resource that can help you step by step to transforming that environment into one that works around the needs/abilities of your beloved for sake of assuring safety and for maximizing function.