December 25, 2016

Falls Prevention

Fall in Numbers:

1 in 3 adults over age 65 falls each year.
Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury among older adults 65 y/o or older.
Falls may result in broken bones, joint injuries, and/or head trauma/concussions.
Falls account for 25% of all hospital admissions.
Falls is the leading cause of older adults’ visits to the emergency rooms.
Falls result in 40% of nursing home admissions.

What causes a fall?

Falls can be attributed to either internal (health related issues), or external factors as follows.
1. Internal (health-related issues):

a) Joint/back pain.
b) Vision problems.
c) Lower extremity weakness.
d) Stroke, multiple sclerosis, arthritis.
e) Cognitive deficits.
f) Using more than 4 medications.

2. External (environmental):

a) Inadequate footwear.
b) Slippery floors
c) Inadequate lighting
d) Lacking bathroom grab bars.
e) Broken steps.

What Can Do to Reduce Your Fall Risk:

• Begin a regular exercise program (Tai Chi).
• Review your medicines regularly with your healthcare provider.
• Have your vision checked annually.
• Have a home environment completed for your home.
• Eliminate clutter, remove throw rugs, obtain a shower bench.