The Massa Approach

The Massa Approach: The Four Dimensions we employ to address Environmental challenges?

1. Recommending Modifications: Such as replacing tub with a rolling shower, widening doors, installing ramp/stairlift, lowering kitchen counters.
2. Recommending equipment: such as raised toilet seat, grab bar, rollator, bedside commode, shower chair.
3. Recommending Behavior modifications: such as sitting to complete tasks, avoiding using step stool, using a reacher to pick up objects off the floor.
4. Recommending Environmental reorganization: such as placing frequently used kitchen items on counter, decluttering, clearing pathways, using timers, moving bedroom to main floor, eliminating throw rugs, and relocating furniture.


What are the various considerations that a decision making process goes through?

1. Client’s abilities/limitations/goals, medical condition.
2. Functional/medical necessity.
3. Risk of injury, deterioration of medical condition.
4. Guidelines of American Disability Act/Universal design/ergonomic architectural designs.
5. Available resources (support, caregivers, alternatives).
6. Available funding/cost.

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