Why Do Seniors choose to Age In Place?

That is true! And its is a growing trend.

Today over 80% of seniors (People 65 y/o in US make 65 million of the population) are choosing to Age In Place. While multiple reasons are taken into consideration, its worth to mention that while one boomer is turning 65 every 8 seconds, and while people are opting to age in place, 85% have not done much to prepare their home to accommodate their future needs.

So why are people choosing to Age In Place? Here are 10 top reasons:

1. Anxiety/Fear of loss of control & impact of new environment on personal choices.
2. Safety & hygiene concerns.
3. Needing to get rid of personal belongings/memories.
4. Mental impact, needing to learn new routines.
5. Concerns realted to home maintenance, handymen.
6. Hidden costs of move (taxes, mortgage, movers, landscaping, etc.).
7. Familiarity with neighborhood, own surroundings, transportation, shopping centers.
8. Moving away from loved ones, medical practitioners, hairstylists.
9. Physical demands of a move.
10. Health related issues.

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